About Us

Having firsthand experience in the field of education, we saw an opportunity to greatly improve the existing educational infrastucture and overall learning methods with the help of technology.

Our quest is to "bridge the gap" by being education's partner in change, helping learners, educators, institutions, and companies thrive in a complex and changing environment. Our sights are set on the future.

We understand that the way people learn is dynamic, and that the education landscape is continuously evolving. We are motivated to provide collaborative technological solutions for easy access of most advanced tools to make learning accessible, personalized and enjoyable to every student.

With an unmatched understanding of the world of the learner, the most comprehensive student-success solutions, and the greatest capacity for innovation, EdgeLMS is education’s partner in change. We strive to drive the industry to new heights.

Our Values


Our deep passion for helping educators and students have the best education experience possible keeps us focused and motivated.


Collaboration is the core strength of any learning process and so is for us. We believe that the instructors, students, parents, administrators, and the EdgeCanvas team are all in this together.


We never stop innovation process in our working to bring out unique solutions as per the dynamism of different institutions.


We believe learning is a never ending process.We strive to stay curious, learn from those who know, and always be open to new ideas.


Integrity is our foundation, we stand by our word, our mission, our values and our product. Integrity combined with trust and respect gives us the strength to push forward together.